Escaping Our Shame

Escaping Our Shame

Many of us carry shame. Shame that represents our mistakes, family secrets, or identity. Sometimes we know exactly what we need to do to move forward in life and other times life feels like a constant struggle to keep our shame managed. Read more

Saying Goodbye

A world of goodbyes exist in life. Some are easily identified and others are overlooked and missed. With each goodbye we experience a transition between what was to what will be. The new things are often treated with excitement, hope, and opportunity, but goodbyes are different. Read more

Finishing the Storm, Lacamas Counseling

Challenges arise in life

Whether we seek them out intentionally or whether they come upon us without planning. Storms of school, work, relationship conflict, parenting, abuse, grief, moving, personal challenges, and life transitions.
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Life offers a certain rhythm that we each find and adapt to. That rhythm becomes our glue that allows us to manage the challenges that each new day brings. The rhythm is our ability to know what to expect with each new day; this could be a highly predictable rhythm or one with more character.

Challenges to this rhythm happen in transitions and change. Read more

Creating the person that we want to be can offer its challenges. There is empowerment and freedom, yet also a weight of responsibility in representing ourselves in our daily choices and actions. Identity is how we want to be known.

Identity is something that we discover about ourselves, something that people speak into our lives, and something that we speak about ourselves to others. Read more

Stressors and significant events affect us all. Sometimes we let those events define us and craft our identity. But what if we were able to see those incidents as understandable, manageable, and meaningful? What if they could be a part of our story but not the wholeness of who we are? What if we had held the power to remember those memories at will when we deemed it time to remember, instead of engaging in the haunting task of trying to force those memories to be silent? Read more