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Last night, a little picture of my right rear tire came on my dash. Les Schwab had been closed for a half hour. One of their techs came out anyway, checked my tire pressure and tire integrity, and added air. The light went off and I didn’t have to call roadside assistance or have my husband pack up our little girls and come get me on a cold, dark evening, only having to figure out transportation in the morning. I got home safely to my warm home where my husband and tiny daughters were waiting.

This morning at breakfast, our 2-year-old saw her baby sister reaching out, trying to bridge the divide between their high chairs. Big Sister took Baby Sister’s hand and held it with a sweet smile on her face.

On my way to work, having been awake large chunks of last night(s) due to the sleeping habits of above-mentioned tiny ladies, I pulled up to the Starbucks drive thru window for a big, hot cup of coffee. The barista told me my coffee had been paid for by the woman ahead of me.

In less than 24 hours, these brief moments of beautiful significance have had rippling effects in the course of my events and happenings and heart.  The kindness of others has prevented logistical difficulties in getting both my husband and me to our respective works, and our two girls to daycare on time. With all of our clothes on and right side out. With food for the day. With some peace of mind.

The kindness of my children has left me in awe of the beauty and grace of sisters and re-inspired hope in love, between them and in general, now and for the future.

The kindness of the lady buying my coffee had me pause in surprised gratitude and motivated to pass along that kindness to someone else.

In this current climate of so many feeling afraid, disconnected, unheard, which often results in acts of panic and desperation that only perpetuate fear and miscommunication, these beautiful, seemingly small, holy bits of kindness have such power to defuse and calm and soothe.

I am keeping my eye out for ways I might offer bits and heaps of kindness to those around me. Won’t you join me?