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Lacamas Counseling seeks to be the central resource for mental wellness, personal well-being, and relationship health in Camas, WA. We are seeking providers with diverse specialties who are eager to partner with us in that goal.

About: Lacamas Counseling

Lacamas Counseling has been established in Camas, WA since 2016. We are known in the community for providing competent mental health care. We also are fully invested in creating a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable work environment for all of the professionals who work with us. Our passion has been to create a work environment that supports each other personally and professionally.

Our Values

Lacamas Counseling is only seeking providers who align with our values. We want providers who are professional, have integrity, and desire collaboration.


It is our belief that providers need to demonstrate a professional standard in how they present themselves, their timeliness to appointments, their responsiveness to clients, and their follow-through on all clinical documentation. We are only seeking providers who show a commitment to continuing to deepen their clinical knowledge, specialties, and competence.


It is our belief that providers need to be full of integrity and be trustworthy to their clients, the community, and colleagues. Providers need to demonstrate a commitment to practice in their areas of competence, seek supervision and consultation when needed, and follow-through on all professional tasks in a timely and respectful manner.


It is our belief that collaborative providers have the humility, eagerness, and interpersonal skills that are necessary to provide the most thorough client care. We are only seeking professionals who value collaboration with their clients, providers within Lacamas Counseling, and other trustworthy professionals in the community for coordination of care or appropriate referrals.

Open Positions

Mental Health Counselor

Lacamas Counseling – Intern Program

Perks & Benefits

Are you interested in joining our team? Here are just some of the benifits of working with Lacamas Counseling.


Competitive Salary


Steady flow of referrals


Group Practice Electronic Health Record system


Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry Branding and Marketing


Furnished office


Client Care


Conference Room


Clinical Templates


Administrative support


Clinical Consultation


CEU’s and Trainings


Warm and Collaborative Office Culture