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Private Practice Counselor

Private Practice Counselor

Independent Contractor – Job Description

Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry seeks to be the central resource for mental wellness, personal well-being, and relationship health in Camas, WA. We are seeking counselors with diverse specialties who are eager to partner with us in that goal.

Position Overview: We are looking for counselors who can provide services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups for the clients of Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry. Priority is offered to counselors who are interested and trained in working with kids, teens, couples, and families.

Our Values: Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry is only seeking providers who align with our values. We want counselors who are professional, have integrity, and desire collaboration.

Professional – It is our belief that counselors need to demonstrate a professional standard in how they present themselves, their timeliness to appointments, their responsiveness to clients, and their follow-through on all clinical documentation. We are only seeking counselors who show a commitment to continuing to deepen their clinical knowledge, specialties, and competence.

Integrity – It is our belief that counselors need to be full of integrity and be trustworthy to their clients, the community, and colleagues. Counselors need to demonstrate a commitment to practice in their areas of competence, seek supervision and consultation when needed, and follow-through on all professional tasks in a timely and respectful manner.

Collaboration – It is our belief that collaborative counselors have the humility, eagerness, and interpersonal skills that are necessary to provide the most thorough client care. We are only seeking professionals who value collaboration with their clients, providers within Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry, and other trustworthy professionals in the community for coordination of care or appropriate referrals.

These values are integral to what we believe we should be modeling and teaching our clients as characteristics of wholistic well-being.


  • Active Clinical License in Washington State (LMHC, LMHCA, LMFT, LMFTA, LICSW, LICSWA, PsyD/PhD)
  • Active Business License in Washington State (e.g. Sole Proprietor, LLC, PLLC, S-Corp)
  • Pass a Criminal History Background Check (required by Washington State)
  • Ability to Operate Independently
  • Alignment to Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry Values: Professional, Integrity, and Collaboration

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary:

The salary is a competitive to industry standards and is a percentage compensation of the direct services that each counselor provides.

Steady flow of referrals:

and the opportunity to grow your caseload to the size you prefer. Caseloads tend to fill very rapidly.

Group Practice Electronic Health Record system:

All client care is coordinated through the group practice Electronic Health Record (EHR) (i.e. scheduling, client demographics, billing, payments, insurance, out-of-network superbills, clinical assessments, treatment plans, progress and psychotherapy notes, HIPAA compliant client communication, and electronic storage of additional documents). Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry client record management is completely electronic; no paper files are kept on site. The centralized EHR also allows Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry to provide administrative support to streamline and simplify client care for all providers. 

Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry Branding and Marketing:

Logos, branding, and group marketing will be available to all providers. We also provide business emails that allow for HIPAA compliant communication between Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry providers, fax, and Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry business cards.

Furnished Office:

All offices are furnished, ADA accessible, stocked with basic office supplies, have a printer and scanner, and have regular office cleaning service.

Client care:

Furnished and clean waiting room with children’s area, check-in kiosk to notify clinicians of client arrival, and water services.

Conference Room:

Conference Room will be available at the new office location in Fall 2022. It will be available for scheduled use for any group counseling or community classes or trainings that you want to provide.

Clinical Templates:

We have optional templates available for clinical assessments and client care.

Administrative Support:

We assist with the administrative aspects of your work so that you can focus on counseling and client care. This optional administrative support can assist with incoming client calls, referrals, scheduling, billing and payments, out-of-network questions, group marketing, onboarding, daily questions and troubleshooting, mail, faxes, scanning, and client records.

Clinical Consultation:

Scheduled and spontaneous clinical consultations are available. We value warm, open, and collaborative professional work that encourages clinical and peer consultations in order to provide the best client care. We want you to be successful. Clinical Licensure Support by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor will be optionally available twice a month for provisionally licensed counselors who are seeking supervised hours for licensure.

CEU’s and Trainings:

Optional Continuing Education Units (CEU) and trainings will be made available as the Leadership Team is able to create and organize opportunities.

Warm and Collaborative Office Culture:

We are intentionally promoting and creating opportunities for relationships, connection, and collaboration amongst all the providers at Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry. We believe that healthy, warm, and enjoyable collegial relationships allow us greater capacity to meet the needs of our clients. We only hire providers who also value this collaborative and warm environment. Our kitchen and breakroom are set up to allow for communal breaks and shared meal times. Clinicians also enjoy spontaneously going on walks or sitting outside together.

Room for Autonomy and Individualized Businesses:

Lacamas Counseling & Psychiatry intentionally created a business model that hires Independent Contractors as this allows us to provide counselors with the most autonomy to create a work-flow and balance that best represents their intentions, values, and business plan. Each provider can decide the amount of work hours that are healthy and sustainable for their individual and business needs; pursue the trainings and certifications that are relevant to their professional interests, passion, and clientele; customize clinical documents for their practice needs; establish their own session rates representative of their training and experience; customize and individualize work schedules that fit their personal and professional needs; and versatility in deciding how you want to offer client care (i.e. in-office, online, outdoor).

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