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Parenting Skills


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Parenting carries so many emotions, experiences, challenges, and growth opportunities. We may begin with idealistic goals and dreams; and the reality of those ideals is so variable. Parenting difficulties may arise in regards to your changing identity, social life, learning how to grow and educate your child, discipline, family structures and routines, limited finances, extended family relationships, marital satisfaction, blended-families, single parents, and grandparents who are parenting grandchildren.

Parenting Counseling Vancouver WA

Symptom Self-Check

Are you struggling with parenting?
Are you constantly battling your children?
Are you reacting with anger, yelling, or threats?
Do you wish you could better discipline your children?
Are you feeling confused or uncertain?
Are you trying to blend your family with a new step-parent or family?
Are you concerned about the future of your children?
Do you feel a lack of care or love for your children?
Do you feel exhausted?
Are you having difficulty co-parenting with your partner, ex-spouse, or extended family?

Treatment for Parenting Concerns

Parenting is a constant adjustment as both you and your child continue to grow and change as people. Counseling can benefit parents going through this adjustment, whether it’s a need to process the changes, address the problems, or strengthen the parent-child relationship. Treatment for parenting concerns can include:

  • Counseling
  • Counseling with your child (Filial therapy)
  • Self-care (sleep hygiene, exercise, nutrition)
  • Group counseling
  • Social support
  • Education and empowerment
  • Stress management and reduction
  • Problem solving
  • Skill building
  • Relaxation training
  • Assertive communication training

If you are experiencing any parenting concerns that are impacting your well-being and functioning, please connect with Lacamas Counseling for professional therapeutic support to address your needs and goals.

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