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Life offers a certain rhythm that we each find and adapt to. That rhythm becomes our glue that allows us to manage the challenges that each new day brings. The rhythm is our ability to know what to expect with each new day; this could be a highly predictable rhythm or one with more character.

Challenges to this rhythm happen in transitions and change.

Keep in mind that “challenge” is not only negative. A challenge is also what bears excitement, adrenaline rushes, and fascination. It offers newness and hope. It builds character, personality, and identity. Though challenges can be difficult to weather and adapt to.

Some challenges and changes we can prepare for (i.e. graduation, marriage, moving) and others hit us unexpectedly (i.e. death, job loss). Some are temporary (i.e. illness) and others are permanent (i.e. parenthood).

Success is going to be found in restoring our rhythm when we feel out of balance.

In the meantime, when life feels out of sorts, you may question your ability to survive and recover your balance.

Some strategies may be helpful to remember
• Remind yourself of your previous successes.
• Surround yourself with people who care about you.
• Find a community of those who have “gone before you” in order to seek wisdom, validation, and normalization.
• Take a time-out to restore your energy so you can think, plan, and execute what needs to get done.
• Educate yourself through the plethora of media options
• Name your fears
• Remind yourself of your excitements

Finding a balance in the push and pull of life will help us in surviving the many adventures of life. There are going to be times when life has too many new challenges and you need to pull back or say “no.” On the flip side, sometimes we can become too mundane or complacent in our comforts and routine so we need to push ourselves and say “yes.”

Whether or not you are seeking out new experiences, they will happen. So, know what works for you so that you can eventually restore your balance and sanity once again.